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Mr Mulch It provides a complete tree maintenance and removal service throughout the Mornington Peninsula specifically focusing on Balnarring, Balnarring Beach, Somers, Merricks, Merricks North, Red Hill, Flinders and all other local areas.

The removal of trees and tree maintenance is a job for qualified arborists and skilled professionals. If you have overhanging branches, unhealthy and damaged trees, or require tree removal or pruning for aesthetic reasons, we can take care of it for you safely. We have the skills, equipment and expertise to take on any job you may have.

The Mr Mulch It team is dedicated to providing the highest level of service by delivering a professional quality of workmanship, and our communication is based on honesty and integrity, resulting in high customer satisfaction. We are fully equipped, qualified and insured.

Tree Removals, Tree Uplifting and Tree pruning, Stump Grinding

Most trees benefit from professional removal of branches. Pruning can encourage new growth, increase the amount of sunlight that reaches your garden or house and improve the health of the trees. In other cases, parts of a tree can be removed that are storm damaged or dead, or are risk of falling on your house.

All pruning is conducted to the Australian Standards AS4373-2007

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Here at Mr Mulch we are a team who take pride in our work and always complete the job to your satisfaction. We are always working in a safe and efficient manner saving you money and keeping everyone safe. There is a difference with Mr Mulch It - Customer Service is priority and your concerns are ours. Give the team a call today to see for yourself.
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We schedule regular appointments to visit your property to maintain those Trees or Hedges

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