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· Removal of trees

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· Dead vegetation removed

· Storm damage

· Shrub and hedge pruning

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Mulching your garden has many benefits and is a vital ingredient for a healthy garden.
Benefits of mulching include conserving moisture, improving the fertility and health of the soil, reducing weed growth, and enhancing the visual beauty of the area. It’s an easy way to keep on top of your garden, especially in summer.

Common reasons to remove a tree

The most common reason for removing a tree is if the tree is dead, dying or a danger. Usually, a tree represents a danger to the house or buildings it is closest to. It may also be diseased with fungal decay that can quickly spread to those it is surrounded with if not dealt with and removed.

The tree may also need to be removed because it has become unsuitable for its environment. It was simply the wrong choice and has grown too big or its branches have become hazardous. This can cause extensive damage to driveways, utilities, fences, paving and your house.

In some cases, simply lopping branches from your tree or using cables to secure it in place can be the best option.